All handmade towel with 100% cotton Tan fabric machine embroidered FREEDOM and Applique cross in Navy Blue and red swirls to match the 2" trim. Just perfect for your favorite Veterans day fall decor. All professionally machine embroidery pre-washed to avid shrinkage can be machine washed and dry iron if desire, has corner loop on back for drying purposes. All my items are unique one of a kind handcrafted. I buy my trim fabric from Restored Blessings, Grace's place in Winona to help support their mission. It is an honor to Serve our Lord with my talents and to create something beautiful for anyone's home. Navy thread and a 2 Trim. All fabric is washable and can use iron if desire. 

Embroidered Hand Made Kitchen Tea Towel

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  • Fabric:                                                                                                                          All fabric 100% refurbished cotton and pre-washed to avoid shrinkage. Machine washable and safe to iron.  

    Size:                                                                                                                                      13 inches x 11 inches approximately Due to the handcrafted nature of these items, measurements may vary slightly.

    Mission:                                                                                                                   Trim fabric purchased from two local charity thrift shops (Restored Blessings and Grace Place) to help support their missions. It is an honor to serve our Lord with my talents and to create something beautiful for someone’s home.  These towels are handmade with refurbished fabric trim which makes them unique and I add the embroidery to best of my ability to compliment the cotton trim. All my fabric has been prewashed to avoid shrinkage and is 100% cotton material.

    Custom made:                                                                                                              Karen Sue can do Custom made tea towels with your choice of fabric and choice of embroidery need to contact Karen Sue.