Sunday School Bags

St. Johns Lutheran Church of Hart Minnesota had its first day of Sunday School and I made Sunday School Bags for the past 3 years now and just wanted to share them with you. Homemade is the way to go for a small church everything you buy isnt made to last or you have to buy a large amount to even order. So I thought how nice these would be for the kids if I did the extra work and Embroider each one too. I got the material giving to me so it was just my time and love of giving. I started to make the little coin purses for the children to attach to the bag instead of loose coins all over the place when we have to put them in the collection plate. Only have some little girls one done so far will making more and posting when finish. Please consider teaching Sunday School in your church and make a difference in this world for some child.God is our Lord and Savior and we as parents need to teach our children about the love of Jesus!


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