Selling as a crafter

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Hello everyone!! It has been a long winter here in Minnesota and been busy with the New Year. I'm going to try to do something different with this New Year and that is will be sitting in on craft sales in my neighborhood hoping to reach more people and do more sales of the things I love to make. My daughter Jessie will be selling her cross stitch it is more her idea then mine, since she does NOT drive and she needs a driver and as long as am taking her I may as well give this a try. I still plan to keep my day job, and my hubby wants to semi retire so I guess its time to do something a little different and still make a living, never know if you don't try, RIGHT? I'm also hoping I will do a better job here on our web site like adding new items and more Blogging to keep things more interesting which I hope you will like and fallow us along on this new chapter. I'm not sure how this will go as all new things can be a hit or a miss, and my biggest fear is I wont be able to handle both. I still have a lot to learn on how to run this website I'm old school so it is like learning a whole new game but we will get there, til next time Take Care and May God watch over us all.

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Only have 3 of these towels left


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